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Orange County's premier music school, serving the New York areas of  Greenwood Lake, Warwick, Monroe, Chester, Florida, and West Milford.

The Rock Underground Music School
Greenwood Lake
729 Jersey Ave.
Greenwood Lake, NY 10925

Phone: (845) 595-1801
Email: gwl@rockundergroundmusic.com


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Save the dates for any or all of the following events and come down to check out our young students' amazing performances!

May 6th: Warwick Summer Arts Festival Rock and Bowl Fundraiser
Chemical Catastrophe will be performing a short setlist at 6:30 in this Battle of the Band Rock and Bowl Fundraiser for the Warwick Summer Arts Festival
Even runs from 6-9PM located at Pin Street Bowling in Warwick NY!

May 20th: Warwick Valley Chamber of Commerce Community Showcase
The local businesses will all be on display at this year's community showcase in downtown Warwick, and The Rock Underground will be providing some entertainment with a Chemical Catastrophe performance from 10:30-11AM in Downtown Warwick, NY!

June 10th: Greenwood Lake Street Fair 
Join us for a fun-filled day of food, activities, and live music from all 3 of our performance ensembles!
From 11AM-4PM on Windermere Ave in the Village of Greenwood Lake, NY!

June 25th: Spring End of Season Show
From 6-8:30PM at Thomas Morahan Waterfront Park in Greenwood Lake, NY!

August 5th: Warwick Bicentennial Fair
From 5-7PM at Memorial Park in Warwick, NY

August 27th: Summer End of Season Show
At 6PM at Thomas Morahan Waterfront Park in Greenwood Lake, NY!




General Information:

Announcing 2017 TRU Summer Camps!! All camps run from 10AM to 3PM, with a half hour for lunch (students must bring their own lunches). Minimum 4 students required for each camp. There are two types of camps, All Access and Themed Camps. See below for more details!

TRU All Access!
What is All Access? The Rock Underground's All Access camp gives students a positive place to work on music, learn a new instrument, explore music theory, record a song and form bands all at their own pace.  Each day will be filled with fun musical activities and social time with fellow musicians.  This camp is perfect for everyone because it gives artistic freedom to the students and allows them to learn and grow at their own speed.

Note: All Access is not a performance-based program. 



All Access 1 : July 17 - 21 

All Access 2 : July 31 - August 4

All Access 3 : August 14 - 18

All Access 4 : August 28 - September 1

Themed Music Camps and Songwriting Camps!

Themed Camps involve learning a group of songs within a specific music genre or era, with an in-house performance held at 7PM on the Friday at the end of the week! Because these camps involve a performance, it is required that students signing up for the camp have a basic level of experience at their instrument. Stop by or call us at 845-595-1801 for more information on the entry requirements.


Themed Camp 1 - Surf's Up, Dude!

July 10 - 14 (Performance on Fri July 14 at 7PM)

Kickin off our first ever themed summer camp with a show so summer-groovy, you'll want to come dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and hula. As you can probably guess, this theme will include music from your favorite west coast beach bands, surf rock icons, and more!


Themed Camp 2 - Band for a Week: Songwriting Camp

July 24 - 28 (Performance on Fri July 28 at 7PM)

Students in this camp will get incredible experience in working together as a team as they work with our instructors in writing and performing an original song! 

Themed Camp 3 - Pop Underground

August 7 - 11 (Performance on August 11 at 7PM)

Join up with a band to learn and perform the music of our most influencial pop artists over the decades, ranging from Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, to Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars!

Themed Camp 4 - Classic Rock Icons

August 21 - 25 (Performance on Sunday, August 27 6PM)

Rock out for a week and learn to perform select tunes from our past masters ranging from AC/DC, and Led Zeppelin to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, and more!

Note: Please note that this performance will be part of our End of Season Summer Show on Sunday August 27th at 6PM, at Thomas Morahan Waterfront Park in Greenwood Lake!)


Pricing and Packages

1 All Access Camp - $275 / 1 week

1 Themed Camp - $395 / 1 week

Interested in signing up for more than 1 camp? Call us at 845-595-1801 for Package Discounts on both All Access and Themed camps!



Sibling Discount 25% off 2nd child

Refer-A-Friend 10% off

Early Bird Discount (sign up by June 9th!) 10% off

Additional Package Discounts available by signing up for more than one camp  -- call 845-595-1801 to inquire!

Call 845-595-1801 or Email gwl@rockundergroundmusic.com TODAY for more information!







   For more pictures, please visit us at: https://www.facebook.com/therockundergroundgwl/





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