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The Rock Underground Core Package

Our core package includes one weekly 45-minute lesson and one weekly 90-minute live rehearsal for $295.00 per month.  This combination saves you $100.00 per month from our individual programs.

Lessons Only

Our weekly private 45-minute lesson is a fun and educational session for beginners to advanced musicians.   In our lessons we teach instrument knowledge, fundamentals, music theory & technique that will promote individual creativity so that our students emerge as well rounded musicians.    Tuition is $195.00 per month.


Performance Only

In our weekly 90-minute live group rehearsals, students prepare for live shows at a local venue where parents, grandparents, and friends can come and watch the developing musicians perform live on stage.  Tuition is $195.00 per month. 


The Rock Underground has launched an exciting vocal intensive program for students that wish to perform live but do not play an instrument. The Glee program meets weekly. Please call your location for availability and more information.



Adult Program
Once a week we gather and play from a handful of songs selected by students in the adult program. This program is laid back and all about having fun and rocking out for 2 hours. Lessons are available for members of this program as well. Who knows? If we get our act together maybe we'll play a few local gigs! Tuition is $195.00 per month for the rehearsal only, and $295.00 per month includes a weekly 45-minute lesson. 


Toddler Jam
Toddler Jam is a program designed for children ages 2-5 that have an interest in music but are too young to begin taking formal lessons. Saturday and Sunday Mornings (depending on age) your child will sing their favorite songs, be introduced to different musical instruments that they can play during free time while also learning about the fundamentals of music including rhythm and harmony. Tuition is $35.00 per session


'ERA' - Emerging Recording Artists Originals Program
Band coaching and mentoring. We provide a support system that presents them with a genuine idea of what itís like to be a little voice with a big idea then turn that idea into a signature sound and record it. In addition to a weekly individual lesson a coach gives the bands instruction on how to write, arrange, record, produce, and publish recordings of their own original songs. Bands are taught how to rehearse, tighten up, pace a show, and prepare for a performance. They are also able to reserve a TRU Live Room to present a showcase or demo release party. Tuition $195.00 per band member without a 45-minute weekly lesson ($295.00 with a lesson). We have the flexibility to develop a program that is right for your band.


Recording and performance camps are held every Summer.



About Us Programs Locations Franchising